William M. Feinberg Award for Excellence in Clinical Stroke

The recipient of the William M. Feinberg Award for Excellence in Clinical Stroke presents a lecture on stroke each year at the International Stroke Conference (ISC). The award recognizes ongoing contributions to the investigation and management of stroke – clinical science. Specific criteria and information to assist you is below.


Nomination must be e-mailed no later than Wednesday, August 7, 2024.


The nominee must meet the following criteria to be considered for this award:

  • Current Fellow of the Stroke Council at the time of nomination
  • Actively engaged in ongoing research in clinical stroke (patient-based)
  • Made significant contributions to clinical research in stroke (including epidemiology, prevention, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment, or other aspects of stroke)
  • Active in Stroke Council programs
  • Nominated by a Member of the Stroke Council
  • Nominee cannot previously have been the recipient of any of the following awards: Feinberg Award, Willis Award, or David Sherman Award.

How to Nominate a Candidate / Required Documents

Nomination must be made by a Member of the Stroke Council. The nominator will personally inform their candidate that he/she has been nominated for this award and confirm their willingness to accept the award if selected. To nominate a candidate, please submit one copy of the following:

  • Candidate’s full name and contact information
  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV) and bibliography
  • Letter outlining the candidate’s qualifications in clinical stroke and demonstrated excellence in clinical research


  • Present a lecture during the International Stroke Conference 2025; lecture should be based on a current topic of the recipient’s choice related to the recipient’s research
  • Complimentary conference registration
  • Receive $2,000 honorarium plus nominal reimbursement for travel expenses to attend the conference
  • Framed certificate

Nomination materials must be sent via e-mail no later than Wednesday, August 7, 2024. Nominations and/or support letters arriving after this date cannot be considered and hard copies of the materials will not be accepted.

Send all materials in one e-mail to:
Ashley Savage at [email protected]