Role of Cardiovascular Health in Maternal Health

The Role of Maternal Health in Cardiovascular Health

Pregnancy related deaths in the U.S. have risen 140% over the last three decades and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. In this learning module, interdisciplinary experts, guided by the overarching goals to improve women’s cardiovascular health and eliminate maternal health disparities, identify, and explain the increased cardiovascular risk and contributing comorbidities that affect pregnant and recently pregnant individuals. These trends disproportionately affect women of color.

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AHA Publications on Maternal Health

Reducing Cardiovascular Risk After Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Watch Dr. Jennifer Lewey addresses content from the recently published AHA Scientific Statement on Opportunities in the Postpartum Period to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk After Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes.

Additional Resources from the CDC: Hear Her Campaign

To hear personal stories of pregnancy-related complications, visit the CDC HearHer Campaign website.
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