Vascular Discovery 2024 Scientific Sessions

Attendees absorb the science from Poster Session 1, at Vascular Discovery 2023 in Boston, Mass.

Key Dates

Key Dates for Vascular Discovery 2024
Date Activity
Oct. 25, 2023 Abstract Submission Opens
Jan. 10, 2024 Abstract Submission Closes
Feb. 21, 2024 Hot Off the Bench Abstract Submission Opens
Mar. 13, 2024 Hot Off the Bench Abstract Submission Closes
Fall/Winter 2023 Registration Opens
May 15-18, 2024 Vascular Discovery 2024 in Chicago Illinois

Why you should attend

Vascular Discovery
Scientific Sessions

Join the exchange of new and emerging research in vascular sciences and medicine. This conference is designed to maximize thought-provoking discourse among scientists, as well as foster connections and mentorship opportunities between generations of researchers.

Engage with a global forum on timely discussions of research in lipids and lipoproteins, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, vascular biology, genomics, precision medicine, peripheral vascular disease, and vascular surgery. Network with top professionals and share your expertise.

Vascular Discovery 2024 Program Committee


Kathleen Martin, PhD, FAHA

Kathleen Martin, PhD, FAHA
Program Committee Chair
Yale University

Peter Henke, MD, FAHA

Peter Henke, MD, FAHA
Program Committee Vice Chair
University of Michigan

Katey Rayner, PhD

Katey Rayner, PhD, FAHA
Immediate Past Chair
University of Ottawa Heart Institute


  • Mete Civelek. PhD, FAHA, University of Virginia
  • Scott Damraue, MD, FAHA, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jason Fish, PhD, University of Toronto
  • Katherine A. Gallagher, MD, University of Michigan
  • Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, PhD, Harvard Medical School
  • Luisa Iruela Arispe, PhD, Northwestern University
  • Yogendra Kanthi, MD, FAHA, NHLBI-National Institutes of Health
  • Genesio Karere, PhD, FAHA, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  • Milka Koupenova, PhD, FAHA, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Jason Kovacic, MD, PhD, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
  • Iftikhar Kullo, MD, FAHA, Mayo Clinic
  • Liwu Li, PhD, Virginia Tech University
  • Alicia Lyle, PhD, FAHA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Solomon Mensah, PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Pradeep Natarajan, MD, MSc, FAHA, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Andrea Obi, MD, University of Michigan
  • Nathalie Pamir, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Casey Romanoski, PhD, University of Arizona
  • Jean Ruddy, MD, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Kerry-Anne Rye, PhD, FAHA, University of New South Wales
  • Daisy Sahoo PhD, FAHA, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Mary Sorci Thomas, PhD, FAHA, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Cynthia St. Hilaire, PhD, FAHA, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • Timothy Stalker, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Adam Straub, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • Yajaira Suarez, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Thomas Vallim, PhD, MSc, University of California Los Angeles
  • Roberto Vazquez, PhD, FAHA, University of Miami
  • Ying Wang, PhD, University of British Columbia
  • Francine Welty, MD, PhD, FAHA, Harvard Medical School
  • Marit Westerterp, PhD, University of Groningen
  • Sidney Whiteheart, PhD, FAHA, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • Xiaofeng Yang, MD, PhD, FAHA, Temple University Katz School of Medicine
  • Jun Yu, MD, FAHA, Temple University Katz School of Medicine
  • Hanrui Zhang, MD, PhD, FAHA, Columbia University Medical Center

Photos from Vascular Discovery 2023

Congratulations to all the finalists for 2023 Emerging Scientist Award for Women, announced during Vascular Discovery 2023 in Boston. Winner Meenakshi Bannerjee, PhD is second from the right.

Finalists from the Emerging Scientist Award for Women pose for a picture. Winner Meenakshi Bannerjee, PhD, is second from the right.

Hooman Allayee speaks during Plenary Session 1 - Gene-Environment Interactions in Cardiovascular Disease

Hooman Allayee gives his talk entitled, "Gene-Environment Interactions for Coronary Artery Disease" during Plenary Session 1.

Panelists talk during Concurrent Session 3c: Translational Science in Vascular Disease: Updates from the AHA Strategically Focused Vascular Disease Research Network, at Vascular Discovery 2023 in Boston, Mass.

Panelists talk during Concurrent Session 3c: Translational Science in Vascular Disease: Updates from the AHA Strategically Focused Vascular Disease Research Network, on Friday in Boston.


The American Heart Association is committed to supporting women and families in science and medicine, and will offer onsite childcare centers for all scientific conferences during conference and special activity hours.

Childcare is available for children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years.

AHA Policies and Guiding Values

The American Heart Association policies on conflict of interest, ethics and inclusiveness and our guiding values reflect the high standard of business conduct that has always been, and remains, a hallmark of our organization.

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