reSEARCH@Heart Interactive Research Portal

View current data on investigators, institutions, awards, and resulting publications funded by the AHA since 2001.

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Scenarios for portal usage

  • Look up a scientist to see if they have been funded by the AHA since 2001. If funded, review their project topic and expertise.
  • Enter a scientific topic (e.g., Kawasaki Disease, Valve Repair) to find examples of AHA-funded research. Review the related publications to learn about the research outcomes or to see collaborating investigators.
  • Enter a project summary or publication abstract to determine if AHA has funded similar research. Locate AHA-funded investigators who have similar expertise.
  • Locate institutions in a specific geographic location that have active AHA awards.

Be careful in these areas

  • Reporting. This is not a reporting tool. Data is limited to what is in the system or publication data provided by our vendor, therefore, it may not be complete. For example, all publications may not be indexed by the vendor and these are updated only periodically.
  • Topic Searches. Since a variety of terms could describe a scientific topic, the portal is best used to look for EXAMPLES of funding, rather than total AHA funding on a particular topic.
  • Publications related to AHA-supported research. Acknowledgment statements within a publication establish links to the projects that supported the findings.

Activities that would be better addressed in a different way

  • Literature search on a scientific topic. This portal only shows publication information that is related to AHA-funded research since 2001.
  • Summary information about research that has been funded by the AHA. Data in the portal is limited and cannot be used to summarize AHA-funded research.

Please send questions or comments about the portal to [email protected].

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