Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions 2021

Two lab workers analyzing the coronavirus structure while wearing wearing PPE.

Keynote Speakers


Douglas L. Mann, MD
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
The Role of Innate Inflammation in Cardiac Injury and Repair

Jil C. Tardiff, MD, PhD
The University of Arizona Health Sciences – Sarver Heart Center
A Physician-Scientist’s Journey: Linearity is Overrated

Outstanding Early Career Investigator Award Competition Results



Christopher Toepfer, PhD
Oxford University
Defining Diverse Disease Pathomechanisms Across Thick And Thin Filament Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Variants


Chen Gao, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles
Functional Impact of Rbfox1c In Cardiac Pathological Remodeling Through Targeted Mrna Stability Regulation


Jiangbin Wu, PhD
University of Rochester
FAM210A Maintains Cardiac Mitochondrial Homeostasis Through Regulating Letm1-dependent Ca2+ Efflux

Thank You

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What's New for 2021

Update: Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2021 is a Virtual Event

Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2021 Scientific Sessions will take place as a virtual event on August 23–25, 2021. You can expect a similar amount of content as you would have experienced at the face to face conference, which will include our keynote lecture, oral abstract presentations, moderated poster sessions and e-poster sessions.

Why You Should Attend

The BCVS Scientific Sessions convenes basic and translational cardiovascular scientists from around the world with the common goal to discover pathways to cardiovascular therapeutics and promoting cardiovascular health. This meeting has become the “go to” meeting for intra- and interdisciplinary cross-fertilization of ideas and incorporation of new approaches from the general scientific community and plays a pivotal role in the training of junior scientists and trainees.

The program will be of special interest to basic cardiovascular scientists, molecular/ cellular biologists, physiologists, translational investigators, clinical trialists, practicing cardiologists, cardiovascular nurses and pharmacists. In addition, the symposium will be of great value to scientists and executives of pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms who are in the cardiovascular space.

Additional Resources

Tools for Presenters

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  • Moderated Poster Sessions Tips (PDF)
  • Virtual ePoster Guidelines (PDF)
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