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Yoga-CaRe Commentary

Eric Peterson, MD, chair of the program committee for Scientific Sessions 2018, comments on the results of the Yoga-CaRe trial, which was presented at the meeting in Chicago.

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Normal and Abnormal Relationships of Pulmonary Artery to Wedge Pressure During Exercise

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The EPI Council focuses on population-based approaches to preventing cardiovascular diseases. The council’s mission is to lead the discovery and translation of science related to the distribution and determinants of cardiovascular disease with an emphasis on population approaches to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve cardiovascular health.

The Council on Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health promotes the expansion and exchange of knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving cardiovascular health across the lifespan. The council nurtures basic, clinical, epidemiological, and translational science related to nutrition, lipids, obesity, diabetes, physical activity, and behavioral change.

The QCOR Council provides a forum for a multidisciplinary group of volunteers committed to making a substantial contribution to reducing the burden of heart disease and stroke through improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes. Partners gain insight on how to provide effective, safe, timely, equitable, efficient, and patient-centered care.

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