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Sample issues for ProposalCentral assistance:

  • I cannot access my ProposalCentral account.
  • I cannot find the proposal/LOI that I just started.
  • I receive an error message when I try to access a page in my application.
  • I keep getting an error message when I upload a PDF file.
  • The link to provide my reference letter does not work.
  • I need to update my institution and contact information but I’m not sure how.
  • The institution that I put in my profile is not a confirmed institution. What do I do?
  • It seems that I have more than one login for ProposalCentral. Can I merge them?
  • I validated my application but the submit button is still not available.

American Heart Association Resources

Award program eligibility details and deadlines: Visit professional.heart.org/FundingOpportunities

AHA Application Instructions (PDF) - How to navigate through a proposal and details about required documents.

Please submit your Application or AHA Professional Membership questions by email to [email protected] or 214-360-6107 (option 1).

Please submit your Awards questions by email to [email protected].

Please submit your Peer Review questions by email to [email protected] or leave a voice message at 214-360-6108.

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