Peer Review

The AHA continually enhances and refines its peer review process
to identify and fund the most meritorious research
projects that support our mission:

To be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

Unconscious Bias Training for Reviewers

  •  Unconscious bias training for all AHA peer reviewers is strongly encouraged but not required.Decorative image to accompany link to the slide presentation.
  • A peer reviewer who has completed *any* form of unconscious bias training in the past two years does not need to complete the AHA-specific training. However, all are welcome to review the AHA slides or video, if interested.
  • Soon peer reviewers will be able to record in ProposalCentral that they have completed an unconscious bias training session. The AHA will communicate when this functionality is available.
  • Viewing the recording or slides below constitutes a completed training session.

View the Unconscious Bias Training Session Slides (PDF)

Video: Peer Review Unconscious Bias Training


Information for Applicants and Peer Reviewers

View program descriptions for details, application deadlines, and award activation dates.

Peer Reviewer Qualifications and Committee Rosters

See instructions in the section below to register to become an AHA research peer reviewer.

Peer Review Criteria

To judge the merit of an application, reviewers will comment on the criteria listed in the award program description. A current list of Funding Opportunities is on the Application Information page. Applicants must fully address the peer review criteria outlined for the specific award program to which they are applying.

Applicants should never contact reviewers regarding applications. Discussing the scientific content of an application or attempting to influence the review outcome will constitute a conflict of interest in the review. Reviewers must notify the AHA if an applicant contacts them.

Contact Us

For assistance with peer review-related questions, please email us at Peer Review or call 214-360-6108.

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AHA Research Peer Reviewer

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