Edgar J. Kenton III Award (Pre-Con HEADS-UP)

The Edgar J. Kenton III Award recognizes lifetime contributions to investigation, management, mentorship and community service in the field of stroke disparities or related disciplines. The Kenton Award recipient presents a lecture related to stroke disparities each year at the Pre-Con Symposium: HEADS-UP: Health Equity and Actionable Disparities in Stroke: Understanding and Problem-solving of the International Stroke Conference (ISC).

Specific criteria and information to guide nominators and nominees are listed below.


Nomination must be e-mailed no later than Wednesday, August 7, 2024.


The nominee must meet the following criteria to be considered for this award:

  • Current Fellow of the Stroke Council or other AHA Council at the time of nomination
  • Senior investigator of any scientific or professional background who has made outstanding contributions in the field of vascular disparities in their lifetime.
    • We welcome nominations of individuals who have engaged in testing interventions to reduce disparities in stroke, vascular cognitive impairment, or major stroke risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, etc.).
  • Evidence of mentorship of students, residents, fellows and junior faculty in the area of stroke disparities research or outreach is important
  • Community service to address stroke disparities in the prevention and acute treatment of stroke will also be considered
  • Nominated by a Member of the Stroke Council

How to Nominate a Candidate / Required Documents

  • Nomination must be made by a Member of the Stroke Council.
  • The nominator will personally inform their candidate that he/she has been nominated for this award and confirm their willingness to accept the award if selected.
  • To nominate a candidate, please submit one copy of the following:
    • Full name and contact information of the candidate
    • Candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV) and bibliography
    • Letter (or letters from multiple supporters) detailing the complete description of the candidate’s qualifications and career highlights

Nomination materials must be sent via e-mail no later than Wednesday, August 7, 2024. Nominations and/or support letters arriving after this date cannot be considered and hard copies of the materials will not be accepted. Nominees will be notified of outcome in October 2024.

Send all materials in one e-mail to:
Ashley Savage at [email protected]