Supporting Documents

The AHA's application submission is done entirely online, using the Grants@Heart system. Paper submissions will not be accepted. When completing an application for funding, the Applicant/Principal Investigator (PI) is required to submit specific documents.

In addition, third party individuals associated with the application will provide supporting documents. All required documents must be uploaded to Grants@Heart by the applicant before the application can be submitted to the Grants Officer. The Grants Officer is responsible for sign-off and submitting the application to the AHA.

Exception: Referents for programs that require reference documents will upload their documents to Grants@Heart. The program descriptions will list the deadline date for reference documents to be uploaded.

For a complete list of required documents select your program type, then toggle between the Applicant and Third Party Personnel tabs. Please note: You can only upload required documents. There is no mechanism in the system to accept supplemental materials.

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