Biosketch Instructions and Information Required in Personal Statement Section

Upload your NIH biosketch OMB No. 0925-0001 and 0925-0002 (Rev. 10/2021 Approved Through 01/31/2026).
It is not necessary to reformat to AHA page specifications.

The biosketch is limited to five pages.

Address the following AHA requirements in the Personal Statement section of the biosketch:

  • All applicants: Data Sharing
    If public sharing of your research outputs such as data, code, or material led to scientific advances by others, you are encouraged to detail this.
  • All applicants (except fellows): Inclusive, safe, diverse environment
    •  Explicitly state how you contribute to a safe, inclusive, and diverse work environment.
    • In addition, mentors on Fellowships, Career Development Awards, and Diversity Supplements should complete recognized training specific to sexual and gender-based harassment.
  • Predoctoral Fellowship and Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants: Career Goals
    The AHA requires a statement on career goals in “Section A. Personal Statement.” 
    Career goals should reflect the applicant’s true plans and are not required by the AHA to be traditional academic or clinical research work.
  • Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Science: Fellowship Trainee
    • In "Section A. Personal Statement,” briefly describe why you are well-suited for your role in this project. Relevant factors may include aspects of your training; your previous experimental work on this specific topic or related topics; your technical expertise; and/or your past performance in this or related fields.
    • Also state your career goals and how conducting this research will facilitate achievement of these goals. AHA does not require career plans to be traditional academic or clinical research work.
    • In addition, detail how your experiences as an underrepresented individual has shaped your scientific journey. Please also note which underrepresented group listed above you identify with.

Collaborative Sciences Award:
Each co-principal investigator should provide a biosketch. Each Co-PI must upload their own biosketch (5-page maximum per biosketch).