Literature Cited for Strategic Awards

5-page limit

List all literature citations for related to the overall Center/Hub program / Project Research Plan. Citation references should be limited to relevant and current literature; be concise and select only those references cited within the Center/Hub Program Application or Project Research Plan. This section is intended ONLY for your citations, and no other materials.

Literature citations should be marked in the text of the Center/Hub Application Program or Project Research Plan. The mark may be a number or letter. You may use superscript, such as1 or a bracket [1]. When citing specific sections or page numbers, you may indicate these with superscript, such as 1, pp. 345-361 or within the bracket [1, pp. 345-361]. The works cited should not be listed in the Proposed Program / Project Research Plan. Full and complete citations with marks that correspond to those in the Proposed Program / Project Research Plan are to be listed in this “Literature Cited” upload of up to five pages.

Standard abbreviations are acceptable with two exceptions: full titles and full paging must be provided.

Each reference must list:

  • Corresponding mark in the Proposed Center/Hub Program / Project Research Plan
  • Authors in the same order as they appear on the paper (list all or up to 15)
  • Full Title
  • Name of the book or journal
  • Volume number
  • Page numbers
  • Year of publication

Convert your document to Adobe PDF and upload to ProposalCentral.

Note: In the Personal Statement section of your Biosketch, you may cite up to four publications or research products that highlight your experience and qualifications for this project.