Proposed Multidisciplinary Training Program - 8 page maximum

A strong plan to develop a successful training program is necessary. Didactic and experiential training focused on the topic of the network is required. In addition, training in general laboratory research, translational research and clinical research concepts as well as collaborative research should be described.

Create a document that provides a description of the proposed multidisciplinary training program (basic, clinical, population and/or translational research exposure) for the Strategically Focused Research Fellows’ two-year fellowship at the Center and include the following information:

  • Detailed plan for a multidisciplinary training program
  • Source for recruitment and how prospective fellows will be evaluated
  • Proposed evaluation of fellows’ ongoing progress
  • Planned collaborative experiences with established investigators at other Center institutions
  • Track record of the proposed mentors/directors in training
  • Names and degrees of proposed key faculty for program

Convert your document to Adobe PDF and upload to ProposalCentral.

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