Required Application Documents

Submission of proposals for AHA research funding is done entirely online, using ProposalCentral. Paper submissions are not accepted. When completing an application for funding, the Applicant/Principal Investigator (PI) is required to upload specific documents.

In addition, third party individuals associated with the application will provide supporting documents. All required documents must be uploaded into ProposalCentral by the applicant before the proposal can be submitted. Exception: Several programs require reference reports or letters. Referees will upload their documents into ProposalCentral by using a link that will be sent to them via a system-generated email message. Referees must upload their documents before the proposal can be submitted.

For a complete list of required documents, select a program below, then toggle between the Applicant and Third-party Personnel tabs. Please note: You can only upload required documents. There is no mechanism in the system to accept supplemental materials.

View AHA policies governing all research awards including Open Science Policies.

IMPORTANT: Instructions are contained in the Application Instructions (PDF) for items below that are not hyperlinked.

AHA Institutional Research Enhancement Award (AIREA)


Third Party Personnel

AHA Predoctoral Fellowship and AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship


  • Proposed Research Plan (5 pages)
  • Biographical Sketch (5 pages)
  • Literature Cited (4 pages)
  • Vertebrate Animal Subjects (no page limit)
  • Resubmission Modifications (if applicable, 2 pages)

Third Party Personnel

** For the following three items, AHA now requires one document from the sponsor that also includes information for the co-sponsor, if one has been named. **

Optional third-party personnel:

Career Development Award

Collaborative Sciences Award - for Invited Full Applications

Initiating Co-PI

Initiating and All Additional Co-PIs

Other Third Party Personnel (if applicable)

Innovative Project


Third Party Personnel

Institutional Award for Undergraduate Student Training

Applicant (program director)

Third Party Personnel, if listed in application

Transformational Project Award


Third Party Personnel

Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine Awards

Grant Applicants

  • Data Access Approval Letter(s) (no page limit) (PDF)
  • Research Plan (5 pages)
  • Literature Cited (no page limit)
  • Biographical Sketch/Bibliography (5 pages)
  • Budget Justification Form - Word template (2 pages) (DOCX)

Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicants

Institutional Program Director Applicants

Program Director Applicant Documents

Sponsor Applicant Documents

Optional Fellow Documents

ASA/Bugher Foundation Centers of Excellence in Hemorrhagic Stroke

CENTER Applicant



Third Party Personnel