Abstracts & Awards - Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2021

Awards Submissions

Hypertension 2021 Scientific Sessions, September 27–29, 2021, is a virtual event. Award prizes related to travel, hotel accommodation and meals will not be provided this year.

Awards sponsored by the Council on Hypertension

Visit individual award pages to view a list of winners.

  • Excellence Award for Hypertension Research
    This award honors excellence in research and discoveries in the field of hypertension as well as a researcher's contributions. This is the Council on Hypertension's highest award. Past recipients of the Excellence Award are not eligible for any other awards sponsored by the council.

  • Arthur C. Corcoran Memorial Lecture
    This lecture, named for Dr. Arthur Curtis Corcoran, is presented annually at the AHA Hypertension Scientific Sessions by a distinguished honoree from the field of hypertension.

  • Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture
    This lecture honors Dr. Dahl’s pioneering work on the relations between salt, the kidney and hypertension, and for establishing a major genetically based experimental model of hypertension.

  • Irvine Page & Alva Bradley Lifetime Achievement Award
    This award is presented each year to an individual who has had a lifetime of outstanding achievements in the field of hypertension and has served as a role model through service, research and teaching. The award is named in honor of Dr. Irvine Page and Alva Bradley, who played a prominent role in establishing the National Foundation for High Blood Pressure Research in 1945.

  • Harriet Dustan Award
    The Harriet Dustan Award recognizes female investigators who have made outstanding contributions in the field of hypertension and honors Dr. Dustan, an outstanding clinician and investigator who was a tireless worker on behalf of the Council on Hypertension and the American Heart Association for more than 50 years.

  • Mid-Career Award for Research Excellence
    This program recognizes a mid-career investigator active in hypertension or cardiovascular research. Candidates include PhDs and/or MDs who are still within 5–20 years after their first faculty appointment, as of the award application date.

  • Harry Goldblatt Award for Early Career Investigators
    This award is named for Dr. Harry Goldblatt, a pathologist who established the first animal model of hypertension in 1934. It recognizes a new independent investigator working in hypertension or cardiovascular research who has significantly contributed to our understanding of the causes of hypertension and related cardiovascular disease.

  • The Marvin Moser Clinical Hypertension Award
    This award recognizes a qualified hypertension clinician for their dedication to the treatment and care of hypertensive patients. It was established to honor the memory of Dr. Marvin Moser, one of the leading figures in the field of hypertension, and the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Clinical Hypertension.

Awards Sponsored by the Council on Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease

  • Donald Seldin Lecture
    This lecture, named for Dr. Donald Seldin, a pioneer and leader in the field of cardiovascular disease related to kidney failure, allows experts in the field to bring the latest basic, translational, or clinical information to Hypertension Scientific Sessions.

2021 Abstract awards are as follows:

  • AFHRE Award for Patient-Oriented or Clinical Research in Hypertension Supported by the American Foundation for Hypertension Research and Education
    This award encourages physician scientists and other investigators (PharmD, PhD, DO, etc.) to undertake or continue mechanistic patient-oriented or clinical hypertension research and to participate in the conference.

  • AFHRE Awards for Support of Underrepresented Minorities Supported by the American Foundation for Hypertension Research and Education, Council on Hypertension and Council on Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease
    The American Foundation of Hypertension Research and Education (AFHRE) is sponsoring travel grants to the American Heart Association's Hypertension Scientific Sessions sponsored by the Council on Hypertension and Council on Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease to support minority early career investigators and students to attend these scientific sessions.

  • Stephanie Watts Career Development Award Sponsored by the Council on Hypertension’s Trainee Advocacy Committee and Data Sciences International (DSI)
    This award offers support to transitioning and late-stage postdoctoral fellows or junior faculty. It is named for Dr. Stephanie Watts, a long-timer member of the Council on Hypertension, whose work led to the creation of the Council on Hypertension Trainee Advocacy Committee.

  • New Investigator Awards for Japanese Fellows
    This award will be presented to up to three qualified new investigators from Japan who will present abstracts at the AHA Hypertension Scientific Sessions.

Abstract Submission
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Key Documents

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Hypertension 2021 Abstract Categories

Choose from one of the following 24 categories to submit your science:

  • Aldosterone, Receptors and Signal Transduction
  • Antihypertensive Drugs and Pharmacology
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • BP Control and Adherence to Treatment
  • Cardiac Hypertrophy and Dysfunction
  • Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke
  • Chronic Kidney Disease, Nitric Oxide Endothelin and Other Endothelial Factors
  • Clinical Trials in Hypertension and Related Morbidities
  • Diabetes, Lipids, Obesity, Nutrition, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Gender Differences and Sex Hormones
  • Genetics, Epigenetics and Epidemiology
  • Hypertension and Aging

  • Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Immunity and Cytokines
  • Neurogenic Mechanisms
  • Non-Pharmacological Therapy (Alternative Medicine; Diet; Physical Activity)
  • Patient-Provider-Healthcare System Issues
  • Pediatric and Adolescent Hypertension
  • Pregnancy, Preeclampsia and Developmental Programming
  • Proteomics and Metabolomics
  • Renal Hemodynamics, Tubular Transport, Salt, Renovascular Hypertension
  • Renin-Angiotensin System
  • Resistant Hypertension
  • SARS-CoV-2/COVID19
  • Vascular Biology, Remodeling, Dysfunction, Stiffness


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