Continuing Education - EPI|Lifestyle 2022 Scientific Sessions

Instructions for Claiming CME

  1. Login to your account:
    1. Go to AHA's Lifelong Learning and Education page.
    2. Click Activities in Progress.
    3. Enter your name and password, and Sign in.

  2. Select the activity:
    1. Select the EPI|Lifestyle 2022 Activity
    2. Review the Activity Overview, scroll to the bottom and click Resume.
    3. View the contents of the activity material page and click Continue.

  3. Claim Credit:
    1. Complete the conference evaluation, which is required to claim credit. Once complete, click Submit and Continue.
    2. Click the Claim button for the appropriate accreditation.
    3. Click Continue to generate your certificate.
    4. Move your cursor into the preview window to display the links to print or save the certificate.
    5. Click Finish. The activity is stored under Transcript.