International Stroke Conference 2018

Nursing Symposium & Pre-Con Symposia: Jan. 23, 2018
Sessions: Jan. 24–26, 2018
Los Angeles Convention Center | Los Angeles, Calif.

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The BEST in Stroke Science

Program Description

The International Stroke Conference is the world’s premier meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. This 2½-day conference features more than 1,500 compelling presentations that emphasize basic, clinical and translational sciences as they evolve toward a better understanding of stroke pathophysiology with the goal of developing more effective therapies. Join us and network with more than 4,500 colleagues in the stroke field from around the world with wide-ranging expertise and experience.

Clinical Sessions focus on community risk factors; emergency care; acute neuroimaging; acute endovascular and acute nonendovascular treatment; diagnosis of stroke etiology; cerebral large artery disease; in-hospital treatment; clinical rehabilitation and recovery; and health services, quality improvement, and patient-centered outcomes. Basic Science Sessions focus on vascular biology in health and disease; basic and preclinical neuroscience of stroke recovery; and experimental mechanisms and models. Further specialized topics include pediatric stroke; intracerebral hemorrhage; nursing; preventive strategies; vascular cognitive impairment; aneurysms; subarachnoid hemorrhage; neurocritical care; vascular malformations; and ongoing clinical trials.

Presentations on these topics attract a wide range of healthcare professionals and investigators including adult and pediatric neurologists; neurosurgeons; neuroradiologists and interventional radiologists; physiatrists; emergency medicine specialists; primary care physicians; hospitalists; nurses and nurse practitioners; rehabilitation specialists; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; pharmacists; and basic researchers spanning the fields of cerebrovascular function and disease.

Education. Inspiration. Illumination. The International Stroke Conference - connecting the world to stroke science.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the International Stroke Conference, participants should be able to:

  • Identify recent advances in basic models of stroke and their translation to clinical research.
  • Evaluate recent advances in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of cerebrovascular disease.
  • Analyze new and ongoing advances in clinical research through late-breaking science and ongoing clinical trials sessions.
  • Discuss new research, treatments and interventions with scientists and investigators working in all areas of cerebrovascular disease.
  • Interpret the rapidly changing areas within the stroke spectrum such as emerging options for the diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke, mechanisms of stroke recovery, and the impact of vascular cognitive impairment.
  • Appraise the diverse challenges presented by cerebrovascular disease to specific populations, including ethnic and racial minorities, women, children, and developing communities.

The BEST in Stroke Nursing

State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium

This January 23, 2018 symposium is a one-day event that takes place just before the ISC 2018 Sessions start. Visit the State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium page for full details on program descriptions, learning objectives, joint accreditation and credit, and more.

Please note there is a separate registration fee to attend.


Stroke Nursing Symposium 2018 Program (PDF)

Nursing Programming

Programming highlights at the Stroke Nursing Symposium and ISC 2018 include:

  • Latest in clinical trial results including DEFUSE 3, PRISMS, COMPASS, PHAST-TRAC, THRIVES, EXTEND-IA TNK, CASSISS and ARISE II
  • Returning Favorites! Crossfire Debates; CED (Cerebrovascular Education and Discovery) Talks; and Game of Strokes
  • Hot off the Press! New Acute Ischemic Stroke Guidelines
  • Understanding Disordered Sleep and Stroke
  • Physical Activity and the Brain: Maximizing Recovery and Function Post-stroke
  • Predicting and Enhancing Recovery from Aphasia and Cognitive Syndromes after Stroke
  • Translating Innovations in Stroke Rehabilitation to Improve Recovery and Quality of Life across the Globe (an AHA/ASA and World Federation for Neurorehabilitation Joint Session)
  • Nursing Oral and Poster Abstract Presentations

Pre-Conference Symposia

ISC 2018 Pre-Conference Symposium I

"Stroke in the Real World: There Will Be Blood: Management and Treatment of ICH"

Symposium Description
This Pre-Conference Symposium of the International Stroke Conference is designed to provide cutting edge information for healthcare professionals caring for patients with, or at risk for stroke. This one-day symposium highlights scientific advances in Intracerebral Hemorrhage while emphasizing application in the real world. The symposium informs the audience about issues along the full continuum of ICH care and covers varied topics of interest to healthcare providers working in the emergency department, hospitalist settings, neurosurgery, radiology, general neurology, and other stroke care arenas. This year’s symposium will focus on the management and treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage including: pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of ICH; ED stabilization and triage of the ICH patient; understand toxic clot constituents and cytotoxicity; a debate on minimally invasive surgery; ICU controversies; how to investigate and image vascular lesions in ICH; effects of size and  ICH expansion; and amyloid angiopathy and microbleeds. There will also be a series of challenging breakout sessions. Participants will also have the opportunity to have an informal lunch with the faculty where questions or challenging stroke cases may be discussed.

Please note there is a separate registration fee to attend.

Download the ISC 2018 Pre-Con Symposium I (PDF) for schedule details, programming, credit and more.

ISC 2018 Pre-Conference Symposium II

"Stroke in the Lab World: Reversing Stroke Translational Research - Bedside-to-Bench and Back Again"

Symposia Description
A new translational research paradigm will be explored, representing a shift from benchside-to-bedside, to reverse translation - bedside-to-bench. This pre-conference event is designed to address challenges facing traditional “forward-translation” stroke research. Despite four decades of research investigating mechanisms involved in ischemic brain injury, for example, we have yet to develop an FDA-approved neuroprotective agent. Is forward translation the only approach we should be taking? How can we take advantage of human samples, from biofluids to tissue, to help guide our future stroke research? This half-day symposium brings together leading researchers who have successfully achieved reverse translation, starting with human samples, and applying cutting-edge big data techniques to identify genes/proteins of relevance. Though reverse translation assures relevance to human disease, how can we leverage traditional bench approaches to truly understand the significance of these findings? We will further explore examples of next steps needed to understand molecular mechanisms implicated by the genes/proteins identified by these new “omic” techniques.

Please note there is a separate registration fee to attend.

Download the ISC 2018 Pre-Con Symposium II (PDF) for schedule details, programming, credit and more.