Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias

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Early Career Perspective: Best of Scientific Sessions 2017

Eldrin Lewis, MD, MPH interviews Early Career Bloggers, Annie Roessler, Baily De Barmore, and Shayan Mohammadmoradi about their experiences at Scientific Sessions 2017.

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STROKE Editor's Picks - December 2017
12/14/2017 | Whole Grain Consumption and Risk of Ischemic Stroke: Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies, Risk of Stroke in Patients With Short-Run...
Circ CQO Twitter Journal Club: Global Disparities in ICD Use
12/13/2017 | Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes Twitter Journal Club: Global Disparities in ICD Use

Scientific Sessions 2017

Scientific Sessions: Nov. 11-15
Exhibits: Nov. 12-14
ReSuscitation Science Symposium: Nov. 11-12
Cardiovascular Nursing Clinical Symposium: Nov. 14-15

Anaheim, California

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