Council Awards and Lectures

These awards recognize the achievements of researchers, scientists, clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals throughout their careers. They also provide opportunities for financial rewards, special presentations and funding to attend Scientific Sessions and other AHA scientific meetings.

Awards applicants must be members of the American Heart Association (AHA) sponsoring scientific council at the time of application. If you need to become an AHA Professional Member, you should do so one week prior to the application submission deadline for your member account to be processed in time for the application submission deadline. Learn more about AHA Professional Membership.

Early Career Awards

Early Career Investigator Awards recognize promising and outstanding investigators and clinicians in the early stages of their careers and stimulate continued interest in basic, clinical, translational or population cardiovascular research. Applicant must be active in research and within 10 years of completion of terminal degree or highest certificate (e.g., MSc, PhD), or within 10 years of completing medical fellowship or residency, as of the award application date. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, instructors, and research associates are welcome to apply.

Mid-Career Achievement and Special Recognition Awards

Mid-career Achievement awards recognize an investigator active in basic, clinical, translational or population cardiovascular research for specific career endeavors and achievements who made a significant impact on the field of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The awards also may honor those who have helped further the mission of the scientific councils and the AHA. Candidates include PhDs and or MDs who are still within 5–20 years after their first faculty appointment of the award application date.

Special Recognition Awards are designed to acknowledge outstanding achievements in the field of cardiovascular disease and stroke and/or contributions and service to the American Heart Association.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Lifetime Achievement Awards recognize contributions to the fields of cardiovascular disease and stroke over a sustained period. Recipients of these awards exemplify excellence and are notable representatives of the best in their fields.

Named Lectures

Council Named Lectures feature presentations from some of today’s foremost clinicians and researchers as well as those with a lifetime of contributions to the field of cardiovascular disease.

Travel Grants

These grants help defray travel costs for early career investigators, clinicians and students to participate in the AHA Scientific Sessions and specialty meetings.

Student Scholarships

The student scholarship programs, administered under qualified supervision, provide an important stimulus to interest medical and graduate students conducting research projects related to cardiovascular diseases, stroke and basic scientific research.

Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award

The Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award recognizes the team of authors with the highest-ranked scientific abstract from every participating country for each AHA scientific meeting.