Exercising with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Presenters: Theodore Abraham, MD; Sharlene Day, MD; Matthew Martinez, MD; Brian Metz, MD

Summary: Although the cardiovascular and overall health benefits of regular activity are well-established, recommendations for recreational exercise and competitive sports participation for patients with HCM have been challenging. Listen to this podcast as Drs. Abraham, Day, and Martinez along with Brian Metz discuss exercising with HCM and the importance of shared decision making with the healthcare team.

Theodore Abraham MD
Theodore Abraham, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
UCSF Echocardiography Laboratory
Co-Director, UCSF HCM Center of Excellence
Charlene Day, MD
Sharlene Day, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director of Translational Research
University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Martinez, MD, FACC
Matthew Martinez, MD, FACC
Atlantic Health - Morristown Medical Center
Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute
Director, Sports Cardiology
Co-Director, Chanin T. Mast Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center
Brian Metz, MD
Brian Metz, MD 
Patient Representative