The Postthrombotic Syndrome: Evidence-Based Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies

Published: September 22, 2014

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  • A frequent, chronic complication of deep venous thrombosis (DVT - blood clots in ≥1 deep veins, usually of the lower or upper extremities)
  • Occurs in a limb previously affected by DVT - DVT affects 1 to 3 of 1000 people in the general population annually.
  • The most common long-term complication of DVT - 20% to 50% of patients with DVT develop PTS sequelae
  • Includes a spectrum of symptoms that vary from patient to patient.

Postthrombotic Syndrome

Published on Sep 22, 2014

Susan R. Kahn, MD, MSci, Chair of the writing group for Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Postthrombotic Syndrome, announces the publication of the paper and describes its purpose, its intended audience, its scope, and the relationship of the paper to the mission of the American Heart Association.