Call to Action for Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Epidemiology, Awareness, Access, and Delivery of Equitable Health Care

Published: May 09, 2022

REDUCING THE RISKS AND BURDEN OF CVD IN WOMEN  RAISE AWARENESS •	Community Education •	Prevention Initiatives •	Promote Health  OPTIMIZE PREVENTION & CLINICAL CARE •	Clinical Partnerships •	Reduce Lifelong CVD •	Improve Quality of Care  SUPPORT RESEARCH •	Address Data Gaps •	Improve Clinical •	Trial Participation  ENGAGE COMMUNITIES School-Based Programs Community Interventions Faith Based Initiatives   ADVOCATE •	Social Determinants of Health •	Public Policy and Legislation  MONITOR PROGRESS •	Health Surveillance •	Widespread Engagement and Communication
  • Addressing the pervasive gaps in knowledge and care delivery to reduce sex-based disparities and achieve equity is fundamental to the American Heart Association’s commitment to advancing cardiovascular health for all by 2024.
  • Cardiovascular disease remains the most common cause of death among US women and men today as was true thirty years ago.
  • To directly address the needs of women, the AHA launched Research Goes Red in collaboration with Verily’s Project Baseline. Research Goes Red is an online platform that positions women at the center of clinical research to accelerate scientific discovery by fostering active engagement.