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This page has been restricted to invitation-only participants. Please contact the AHA Research Administrator if you should have received an invitation.

Additional SURE Scholars Program Information

  • Students are awarded once a year.
  • Each year, new access will be created for that year's awardees and stakeholders. Previous awardees will not have access to this page.
  • Application process begins in the winter, awards granted in Spring and the program runs during the summer.
  • Currently, 24–30 awards are granted each summer.
  • Awardees are not AHA members.
  • Awardees will create ProposalCentral profiles AFTER accessing the password-protected page, so they will not have PC accounts initially.

2023 Holidays

AHA offices will be closed on the following days:                                    Altum/Proposal Central offices will be closed on the following days:
Jan. 2 July 3 & 4    Jan. 2 Sept. 4
Jan. 16 Sept. 4   Jan. 16 Oct. 9
Mar. 31 Nov. 23 & 24   Feb. 20 Nov. 23 & 24
May 29 Dec. 26 - Jan. 2   May 29 Dec. 25 - 29

    July 4