Topic-focused Funded Research

The American Heart Association is committed to identifying and supporting specific science areas deemed critical to achieving our mission and strategic objectives. For more information about topic-focused research, please email.

AHA COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant

In March 2020, the AHA put out an unprecedented rapid response call for cardiovascular/cerebrovascular research proposals to address the growing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this issue's urgency, the focus was on innovative, highly impactful short-term proposals (9-12 months) that can show progress within the period of this award.

End Nicotine Addiction in Children and Teens (ENACT)

The rapid pace of e-cigarette products entering the market without essential safety information requires an equally rapid, ambitious, comprehensive response on the part of the research/scientific community. The AHA seeks answers about the health effects of e-cigarettes and other novel nicotine delivery devices and to prevent and/or reverse the developing epidemic of nicotine addiction among children and youth (15-24 years of age). The AHA committed $20 million to fund bold, ground-breaking research projects focused on the health impacts of nicotine and nicotine delivery products in children and youth.

Mechanisms Underlying CV Consequences Associated with COVID-19 and Long COVID

To better understand both COVID-19 and Long COVID, the AHA committed up to $10 million to fund research that will contribute to understanding the mechanism(s) underlying cardiac, vascular and cerebrovascular effects of these conditions, as well as mechanisms that contribute to differential susceptibility to Long COVID.

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