AHA FIT Newsletter

Volume 1 / Summer 2019

Welcome from the AHA Fellows in Training Committee Chair, Dr. Ileana L. Piña

Doctor Ileana L. PiñaThrough the years, I have been observing that cardiology fellows and early career cardiologists were not enthusiastically joining or supporting the American Heart Association (AHA). It seemed to be that fellowship programs were guiding fellows to resources, but not to the AHA. The council on clinical cardiology had already identified the need to guide young trainees and early career cardiologists and had established a day that preceded AHA Sessions, with the plan to devote time entirely to fellows. That initiative led to our inclusion of fellows and early career cardiologists on all our committees within the Council on Clinical Cardiology (CLCD) and to the development of other opportunities, including creating an entirely unique fellows in training committee as part of CLCD Operations. This incredible group of volunteers has formed with a mission to develop the young into a generation that continue to devote the energy and focus to all the aspects that the AHA represents. I invite you to watch us grow and expand into areas that I only dreamed of before.

Welcome to your fellowship home, the American Heart Association!

AHA FIT Programming Committee

This committee is comprised of fellows advocating for and with fellows! They are tasked with representing you on a local and national level, including developing educational content at AHA Sessions for the fellows in training (FIT) Lounge, as well as creating and advertising FIT opportunities. For questions, concerns or ideas for how they can represent you better, or if you’re interested in getting involved with the AHA, we invite you to email [email protected].

Jeff Hsu, MD PhD
Jeff Hsu, MD PhD - UCLA, Co-Chair
Nosheen Reza, MD
Nosheen Reza, MD - University of Pennsylvania, Co-Chair
Lauren Fournier, MD
Lauren Fournier, MD - University of Texas, Houston
Stephen Broughton, MD
Stephen Broughton, MD - University of Pittsburgh
Anum Saeed, MD
Anum Saeed, MD - University of Pittsburgh
Pina Patel, MD
Pina Patel, MD - UCLA
Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula, MD
Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula, MD - Mayo Clinic
Hena Patel, MD
Hena Patel, MD - Rush University
Beth Hill, DO
Beth Hill, DO - Scripps Clinic

AHA FIT at 2018 Scientific Sessions

By Beth Hill, DO

AHA FIT members at 2018 Scientific SessionsThis past year marked an important chapter for Fellows-in-Training (FIT) with the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA has long been a medical home for many trainees, but 2018 marked the first year for a physical touchstone for FITs in the form of a lounge for networking, learning, creating and reflecting at the AHA Scientific Sessions in Chicago. Standing room only was a telling barometer that the AHA has a pulse on what is important to the FIT, including talks such as tips on manuscript and scientific writing and a guide to mentorship. Faculty panelists, educators and scientists alike, committed their time as content experts to ensure each session was meaningful and interactive, with crucial career tips and networking opportunities for a variety of fields, such as women in cardiology, interventional cardiology, and heart failure. The FIT Lounge sessions were designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere for in vivo audience-guided discussions with the experts, such as AHA President Dr. Ivor Benjamin, AHA FIT Committee Chair Dr. Ileana Piña and other renowned faculty, including Drs. Martha Gulati, Pamela Morris, and Anthony DeMaria, among many others. The AHA Scientific Sessions programming team is actively working to create content that is even more tangible and impactful based on feedback from you and your colleagues. Please visit professional.heart.org/ahafit to learn more about the complimentary AHA FIT program. Also, please email [email protected] if there are ways in which AHA Scientific Sessions can better serve you. We hope to see you in Philadelphia!!

Sameed Khatana MD

2019 QCOR Scientific Sessions Early Career Investigator Award Recipient

Sameed Khatana, MD, MPH
Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine
Perleman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Sameed Khatana is the recipient of the 2019 Quality of Care and Outcomes Research (QCOR) Scientific Sessions Early Career Investigator Award based on his project, "Association of Medicaid Expansion with Cardiovascular Mortality – A Quasi-experimental Analysis." We talk to Sameed about his passion for quality research, advice for other early investigators and future goals.

Ways to be an Active AHA FIT

The number one question that we get asked the most is “what can we do as an AHA FIT?”

There are many ways to be an engaged FIT. Here is a list that Dr. Hena Patel compiled for you!

  • AHA Task Force appointments – Join an AHA special project Taskforce. Be a leading voice on cardiovascular health within the AHA community!
  • Moderate FIT/EC Lounge Events at Scientific Sessions – The FIT/EC Lounge at Scientific Sessions is designed for FITs to learn, socialize, and relax. All the programming in the lounge is inspired, designed and moderated by FITs.
  • FIT Blogger – Be an AHA Early Career Voice blogger! Early Career Voice is now an Early Career and FIT Blog with a new blog published on a Routine basis.
  • Grant reviewers – Assist AHA in grant and scholarship review.  Experience behind-the-scene grant review process.
  • Scientific Council Committee appointments – Participate in AHA Scientific Council committee decisions as a voting member.
  • AHA Journal Trainee Reviewer Program – Learn about the process behind journal review and work first hand as a reviewer!
  • Network with prominent leaders within the AHA – As one of the largest healthcare non-profit organizations, the networking opportunity within the AHA is limitless!
  • Mentorship – Join the AHA Mentorship program and learn from a leader from your field of interest.
  • Feature articles for AHA Conferences Recaps – We are always looking to hear about your experience at AHA Conferences. Write about it, blog about it, tweet about it!

Upcoming AHA Conferences

Upcoming AHA Conferences
Conference Date Location Key Dates
Scientific Sessions 2020 Nov. 13–17, 2020 Virtual Event Registration open now!
Resuscitation Science Symposium 2020 Nov. 14–16, 2020 Virtual Event Registration open now!
International Stroke Conference 2021 Feb. 9–12, 2021 Denver, Colo. Registration opens: Oct. 14, 2020
EPI | Lifestyle 2021 March 2–5, 2021 Chicago, Ill. Abstracts Submission: Aug. 5–Oct. 14, 2020
Registration opens: Oct. 14, 2020
Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine 2021 Date: To be announced Location: To be announced Abstracts Submission: To be announced
QCOR 2021 Date: To be announced Location: To be announced Abstracts Submission: To be announced
BCVS 2021 Date: To be announced Location: To be announced Abstracts Submission: To be announced
Hypertension 2021 Date: To be announced Location: To be announced Abstracts Submission: To be announced