Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Distinguished Achievement Award

The BCVS Distinguished Achievement Award is presented annually during the BCVS Council Business Meeting and Awards Dinner at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions. The award recognizes Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences (BCVS) members who have made major contributions to the affairs of the BCVS Council over a continuing period, and who have made substantial professional contributions to the field represented by the council.

  • Contributions to new knowledge in the field
  • Contributions to teaching or clinical care in the field
  • Professional leadership in national or international organizations

Suggested nominees for the Distinguished Achievement Award may be submitted to the BCVS Leadership Committee by email. Current members of the BCVS Leadership Committee and the BCVS Nominating Committee will not be eligible to apply for or be nominated for the award.

Award Recipients 

2020's Awardees
  • 2023 Jane E. Freedman, MD, FAHA
  • 2022 Sean M. Wu, MD, PhD
  • 2021 Ronglih Liao, PhD, FAHA
  • 2020 Walter J. Koch, PhD, FAHA
2010's Awardees
  • 2019 Ju Chen, PhD
  • 2018 Josh M. Hare, MD, FAHA
  • 2017 Junichi Sadoshima, MD, PhD
  • 2016 Thomas Force MD, FAHA
  • 2015 Mark Sussman, PhD, FAHA
  • 2014 Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD
  • 2013 Steven Houser, PhD, FAHA
  • 2013 Roger Hajjar, MD
  • 2012 Lawrence Rudel, PhD, FAHA
  • 2011 Howard Rockman, MD
  • 2010 Rong Tian, MD, PhD, FAHA
2000's Awardees
  • 2009 Donald Bers, PhD, FAHA
  • 2008 Daniel Kelly, MD, FAHA
  • 2007 Michael Schneider, MD, FAHA
  • 2006 Roberto Bolli, MD, FAHA
  • 2005 Michael Rosen, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • 2004 Eduardo Marban, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • 2003 David Harrison, MD, FAHA
  • 2002 Peter Spooner, PhD, FAHA
  • 2001 Thomas H. Hintze, PhD
  • 2000 Leslie Leinwand, PhD
1990's Awardees
  • 1999 Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD
  • 1997 William Barry, MD
  • 1994 Harold C. Strauss, MD
  • 1991 Arnold Katz, MD


The honoree will receive:

  • Complimentary registration to Scientific Sessions
  • Two (2) complimentary tickets to the Council Dinner
  • An engraved plaque
  • Reimbursement for eligible travel expenses up to $1,000


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Award winners pose for a photo during #Hypertension23 Scientific Sessions, held September 7-10, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Hypertension Scientific Sessions

September 5–8, 2024
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