Young Hearts Meritorious Achievement Award

Sponsored by the Council on Lifelong Congenital Heart Disease and Heart Health in the Young

The Council on Lifelong Congenital Heart Disease and Heart Health in the Young (Young Hearts) Meritorious Achievement Award, presented annually at the AHA Scientific Sessions, recognizes a person whose achievements have made a significant impact in the field of congenital heart disease and heart health in the young and have helped to further the mission of the council. The nominee must hold a rank of associate or full professor or equivalent.

The prize includes an engraved plaque to be presented at the Young Hearts Annual Council Reception at Scientific Sessions, a $1,000 honorarium, and travel expenses to Scientific Sessions this November.

Suggested nominees for the Meritorious Achievement Award should be presented to the Young Hearts Leadership Committee.

Current members of the Young Hearts Leadership Committee are not eligible to be nominated for the award.


Award Recipients

2019 Michael Gewitz, MD, FAHA
2018 Craig Sable, MD, FAHA
2017 Peter Lang, MD
2016 Anne Murphy, MD
2015 Gail D. Pearson, MD, ScD, FACC, FAHA
2014 D. Woodrow Benson, MD, PhD
2013 David Sahn, MD, FAHA
2012 David L. Wessel, MD
2011 Stephen Daniels, MD, PhD, FAHA
2010 Jeffrey A. Towbin, MD, FAHA
2009 Jane Newburger, MD, FAHA
2008 Amnon Rosenthal, MD
2007 Lynn Mahony, MD, FAHA
2006 James Moller, MD, FAHA
2005 Gerald Berenson, MD


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