Harriet Dustan Award

Sponsored by the Council on Hypertension

The Council on Hypertension is calling for nominations for this award February 16–June 3, 2022 at 6 p.m. (Central Time). Nomination packets must be submitted in the Council Awards Application System.

Dr. Harriet DustanThe Harriet Dustan Award recognizes female investigators who have made outstanding contributions in the field of hypertension. The award was established to honor the memory of Dr Harriet Dustan, an outstanding clinician and investigator who was a tireless worker on behalf of the Council on Hypertension and the American Heart Association for more than 50 years. During her career, she served as president of the American Heart Association, chaired its Ethics and Research Committees, and was the founding editor-in-chief of Hypertension. She was also the first woman on the Board of Governors of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

After beginning her career in 1948 in the Research Division of the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Irvine H. Page and Dr. Arthur C. Corcoran, Dr. Dustan was among the first to suggest that reducing dietary sodium could lower hypertension and cardiac risks. She became a major force in the field of hypertension, helping to unlock its mechanisms and develop or investigate all the early anti-hypertensive agents, thus changing hypertension from a death sentence to a treatable disease. Dr. Dustan concluded her academic career at the University of Alabama School of Medicine as the director of the Cardiovascular Research and Training Center.

Award Recipients

  • 2022 Aletta E. Schutte, PhD
      Maria Luisa Soledad Sequeira Lopez, MD, FAHA
  • 2021 Ulrike Muscha Steckelings, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • 2020 Stephanie W. Watts, PhD, FAHA
  • 2019 Bina Joe, PhD, FAHA, FAPS
  • 2018 Barbara T. Alexander, PhD, FAHA
  • 2017 Kate Denton, PhD, FAHA
  • 2016 Jennifer Pollock PhD, FAHA
  • 2015 Rhian Touyz, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • 2014 Lilach O. Lerman, MD, PhD
  • 2013 Jane Reckelhoff, BS, PhD
  • 2012 Lisa Cassis, PhD
  • 2011 Chris Baylis, PhD
  • 2010 Kathryn Sandberg, PhD
  • 2009 Nancy J. Brown, MD
  • 2008 Suzanne Oparil, MD

How to Make a Nomination/Required Documents

Electronic submission through the Council Awards Application System is required. Hard copies of any part of the nomination cannot be accepted.

The nomination file (submitted on the nominee’s behalf) should contain the following documents in PDF format:

  • A full Curriculum vitae including all publications (abstracts not necessary).
  • A signed letter of nomination from the sponsor and at least one additional supporting letter. The letters should clearly articulate the major contributions of the nominee to the field of hypertension.
  • Members of the Council on Hypertension Awards Committee are not eligible to write support letters for applicants.
  • Candidate biography (250 words or less) which may be used for publicity.
  • A candidate may be nominated an unlimited number of times by different individuals in the same year. The Awards Committee will assess the candidates' backgrounds, accomplishments, and overall contributions to the field of hypertension.

A username and password previously set up through online profile registration at Professional Heart Daily will be necessary to access the Application System. If you have not created an online profile yet, please visit Professional Heart Daily to create an online member profile before accessing the Council Awards Application System. AHA Professional Members who are creating an online profile for the first time should make sure to register using their AHA membership identification numbers.


The honoree will present a lecture during the Hypertension Scientific Sessions. The awardee will received complimentary registration, a $2,000 honorarium, and an engraved plaque.

Honorees presenting in-person at Hypertension Scientific Sessions will be honored at the Annual Council on Hypertension Awards Banquet and will be eligible for certain travel reimbursements.

  • Round-trip coach airfare at the 21-day advance purchase rate
  • One-night hotel accommodations at the conference rate
  • Ground transportation expenses to attend the conference
  • Up to $70 in meal reimbursement
  • Two tickets to the Annual Hypertension Scientific Sessions Awards Banquet


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