Promotional Toolkit - Scientific Sessions

Be a part of the excitement at the AHA Centennial Celebration! Promote abstract submissions for Scientific Sessions 2024 to your network. On this page, you will find sharable graphics, slides, emails and more. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let us know.


A hashtag symbol with torn blue paper edge surrounding it.

The official hashtag for 2024 is #AHA24.

Use this hashtag when tweeting about the event; this will keep you in the loop and include you in the discussions.

Follow Us

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Follow our social media channels listed below for the latest conference and AHA science developments.

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Tell a Colleague

Two men looking at a mobile phone at an AHA conference. One is wearing a mask.

Click on the link below for verbiage to invite your friends and colleagues to register for Scientific Sessions 2024.

Tell A Colleague template (docx)

Social Media Graphics

Social Sharing Promo

Share on Social Media

Post about your plans to share your science with the Scientific Sessions 2024 using the post example below.

Post Example:

Make your science the center of attention at #AHA24! To learn more visit

Other Graphics

Sessions Logo Thumnail

Scientific Sessions Logo

Should you require a different size, please contact us.

Add these slides to your presentations

Scientific Sessions Powerpoint Promo

Promotional Slides

Please add these slide(s) to your presentations at appropriate meetings and show on screens at events between presentations.