Science News from Hypertension 2020

Challenges in Remote Hypertension Management in Low Income and Minority Patient Populations

Ian Kronish, MD, MPH interviews Gbenga Ogedegbe, MD, MPH about the challenges and opportunities of managing low income and minority patient populations remotely in the context of COVID-19.

Challenges in Remote Hypertension Management in Low Income and Minority Patient Populations

Science Highlights from Hypertension 2020

Curt Sigmund, PhD, Daichi Shimbo, MD, and Vivek Bhalla, MD highlight some of the top science presented during Hypertension 2020.

Hypertension 2020 attendees can still access any or all presentations for 90 days.

Selected science from Thursday, Sept. 10

Chlorthalidone vs. HCTZ

William Cushman, MD, Matt Luther, MD, and Paul Muntner, PhD review the current science on the use of clorthalidone or hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) for the treatment of hypertension.

The lecture was during a session called, "Controversy: What Level of Evidence is Needed to Change Clinical Practice?"

Selected science from Friday

2020 Excellence in Hypertension Award

Murray Esler, MBBS, PhD interviews Giuseppe Mancia, MD, PhD about his work on white coat hypertension and his career in hypertension research. Dr. Mancia's lecture was titled, "White Coat Hypertension: Pathophysiological and Clinical Aspects."

Hypertension Disorders of Pregnancy and Long-term CVD Risk

Styliani Goulopoulou, PhD interviews Sarosh Rana, MD, MPH about what she is learning about the relationship between hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and long-term risk of cardiovascular disease risk.

Selected science from Saturday


Blood Pressure Genetics

Alicia McDonough, PhD interviews Adriana Hung, MD, MPH, Tanika Kelly, PhD, MPH, and Thu Le, MD about their respective research investigating the way genes impact blood pressure. The three presented their research in a KCVD Council Symposia titled, "BP Genetics 2.0: Beyond Monogenetic Investigation."

Marvin Moser Clinical Hypertension Award

In case you missed his presentation on Friday, please watch Daichi Shimbo, MD interview Jackson Wright, MD, PhD, this year's winner of the Marvin Moser Clinical Hypertension Award.

Dr. Wright is the director of the clinical hypertension program at UH Cleveland Medical Center and a tireless researcher and national advocate for hypertensive health in Black Americans.. 

Selected science from Sunday


Difficult Situations in Hypertension Management

Debbie Cohen, MD interviews Michael Hall, MD and Raven Voora, MD, who gave presentations on severe obesity and refractory hypertension for a clinical session on "Difficult Situations in Hypertension Management" during Hypertension 2020.

Glyburide Treatment, Hypertension, and Alzheimer's Disease

Alexander Staruschenko, MD interviews Nildris Cruz-Diaz, PhD and Shannon Macauley, PhD about the work they are doing on glyburide treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Read the abstract: Glyburide Treatment Improves Aortic Arch Pulse Wave Velocity In A Murine Model Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Chudan Xu, PhDHypertension Early Career Oral Presentation Award Winner

A New Gut Microbial Metabolite Derived From Low Fibre Intake
Chudan Xu
Hypertension Research Laboratory School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Other finalists for this award:

Expression Of Urinary Somatic And Soluble N-domain Isoforms Of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme And Association With Different Nutritional Status And Cardiovascular Risk Profile
Nayara A Cruz | Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Endothelial-derived Microvesicles From Andean Highlanders With Excessive Erythrocytosis Induce A Deleterious Cardiomyocyte Phenotype
L. Madden Brewster | University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO

Human Hypertension And Endothelial Cell Activation Promote The Formation And Activation Of Axl+ Siglec-6+ Dendritic Cells Via Endothelial Release Of Growth Arrest Specific 6
Justin P Van Beusecum | Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Early Career Oral Abstract Award Winner

Hana Itani, PhD interviews this year's Early Career Award winner Chudan Xu and her supervisor, Francine Marques, PhD about their discovery of a new gut microbial metabolite derived from low fiber intake.