COVID-19 Content: An AHA Compendium

The American Heart Association is working to ensure optimal care for patients with cardiovascular disease who contract coronavirus (COVID-19). Patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases appear to have an increased risk for adverse outcomes with COVID-19. Here are some helpful resources for health systems, clinics, care providers, patients and the public.

Featured Videos

COVID | Updates from the Front Lines | Introduction

Members of the CIRCULATION  COVID response team, Biykem Bozkurt, MD, PhD, Salim Virani, MD, PhD, and Erin Michos, MD, MHS introduce the COVID: Updates from the Front Lines video series.

COVID | Updates from the Front Lines | Madrid, Spain

CIRCULATION  COVID Team member Carine Hamo, MD interviews Héctor Bueno, MD, PhD at the Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research in Madrid about his experience dealing with the pandemic.

COVID | Updates from the Front Lines | Singapore

Xiaoming Jia, MD from the CIRCULATION  COVID team, interviews Carolyn S.P. Lam, MBBS, PhD, Duke National University of Singapore, about her experience managing patients during the COVID outbreak in Singapore.