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Science News for BCVS 2020
07/27/2020 | In-depth interviews and highlighted science results from the BCVS 2020 Scientific Sessions, a virtual conference.
QCOR 2020 Science News
05/15/2020 | Science News from Quality of Care and Outcomes Research (QCOR) 2020 Scientific Sessions | May, 15-16 2020 | Reston, VA
Science News for Vascular Discovery 2020
05/05/2020 | Selected science results and PI video interviews from Vascular Discovery 2020, a virtual conference.
Science News from ACC 2020
03/28/2020 | AHA's coverage of selected important scientific trials from ACC.20, a virtual conference held March 28-30, 2020.
Epi Lifestyle 2020 Science News
03/03/2020 | AHA Science News: Exclusive interviews, study results and more from Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle 2020 Scientific Sessions in Pho...

Featured science from QCOR 2020

Cardiac Implications of Non-Cardiac Disease: AHA COVID-19 CVD Registry

William Borden, MD, FAHA interviews Sandeep Das, MD, MPH about AHA's new COVID-19 CVD registry to collect data about COVID-19 and its impact on CV health, which he reviewed during a QCOR 2020 session on the cardiac implications of non-cardiac disease.
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Illustration of the word Medicare ripping through a $1 bill

Early Career Investigator Award Winner
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Medicare Beneficiaries Had Worse One Year Clinical Outcomes But Lower Total Annual Costs of Care
J Gmerice Hammond | Washington University in St Louis, St Louis, MO

Illustration of capsule medications -- one has narrowed arteries

Impacts of the Million Hearts® Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction Model on the Initiation or Intensification of Statins and Anti-hypertensive Medications: A Pragmatic, Cluster-randomized Trial
G. Greg Peterson | Mathematica Policy Research, Washington, DC

  • RESULTS: Use of CVD medications significantly improved with the Million Hearts® model, especially in high-risk participants and increased provider awareness of risk.
  • Peterson's Abstract

Featured Science from Vascular Discovery 2020

Medical illustration of red blood cells and activated platelets or thrombocytes

Kenneth M. Brinkhous Early Career Investigator Winner
Evaluating the Impact of Thrombocytopenia and Platelet Transfusion on Bleeding and Thrombosis in the Setting of Anti-Platelet Therapy
Robert H Lee | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

  • RESULTS: Study informs about DAPT safety in thrombocytopenia and best use of platelet transfusion for bleeding reversal.
  • Lee's Abstract

Illustration of DNA chains and components

Irvine H. Page Junior Faculty Research Award Winner
A Genome-Wide CRISPR Screen in Primary Macrophages Reveals WDFY3 as a Novel Regulator of Macrophage Efferocytosis in vitro and in vivo
Hanrui Zhang | Columbia University Irving Medical Ctr, New York, NY

  • RESULTS: A genome-wide CRISPR screen in primary macrophages reveals WDFY3 as a novel regulator of macrophage efferocytosis in vitro and in vivo.
  • Zhang's Abstract

September 10–13, 2020
A virtual event

American Heart Association | Scientific Sessions

Nov. 13–17, 2020
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ReSuscitation Science Symposium

Nov. 14–16, 2020
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