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Upcoming AHA Conferences

September 6–9, 2018 | Chicago, Ill.
Scientific Sessions
November 10–12, 2018 | Chicago, Ill.
Resuscitation Science Symposium
November 10–11, 2018 | Chicago, Ill.
International Stroke Conference 2019
Precon & Nursing: Feb. 5 | Sessions: Feb. 6–8, 2019 | Honolulu, Hawaii
March 5–8, 2019 | Houston, Tex.
April 5–6, 2019 | Arlington, Va.
Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine (formerly ATVB|PVD)
May 14–16, 2019 | Boston, Mass.
July 29–Aug 1, 2019 | Boston, Mass.

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Science News (BCVS)
07/30/2018 | Science News, presentations, and video interviews from AHA's Basic Cardiovascular Science 2018 Scientific Sessions in San Antonio, Texas
IKDS 2018 Science News
06/12/2018 | AHA's coverage of IKDS 2018, studying the latest in Kawasaki's disease -- a children's illness that can affect the coronary arteries and ...
Science News for Vascular Discovery 2018
05/10/2018 | Exclusive video interviews, results, and insights into selected science and presentations from Vascular Discovery 2018 Scientific Session...
Science News (QCOR)
04/06/2018 | Science News from Quality of Care and Outcomes Research (QCOR) 2018 Scientific Sessions | April 6-7, 2018 | Arlington, VA
Science News (EPI Lifestyle)
03/20/2018 | AHA Science News: Exclusive interviews, study results and more from Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle 2018 Scientific Sessions in New...

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Feeding the Starving Failing Heart

Gary Lopaschuk, PhD interviews Daniel P. Kelly, MD about his research exploring the use of ketones as a possible therapy for heart failure.

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BCVS 2018 Keynote Lecturer Stefanie Dimmeler

Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD, Chair, Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences, interviews Keynote Lecturer Stefanie Dimmeler, PhD about her latest work on Cellular Heterogeneity and Plasticity in Cardiovascular Disease.

Outstanding Early Career Investigator Award
Manuel Rosa-Garrido | UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Chromatin Microenvironments With Distinct Functionality During Cardiac Stress
Manuel Rosa-Garrido | UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

TMarta Adamiak | Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY

AAV-Exosomes: A Novel Platform for Myocardial Gene Delivery for Cardioprotection
Marta Adamiak | Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY

Hypertension 2018

September 6-9, 2018
Chicago, IL

Scientific Sessions 2018

Nov. 10–12, 2018
Chicago, Illinois

International Stroke Conference 2019

February 6–8, 2019
Honolulu, Hawaii