Transitions of Care in Heart Failure

Published: January 20, 2015

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  • Transitions of care interventions and programs are designed to create a smooth, safe and efficient move from hospital to the next care setting.
  • The complexities and barriers of heart failure management at the patient, hospital and healthcare levels are discussed in this statement and how they relate to transitions of care.
  • This statement defines current transitions of care interventions and outcomes and explores the implications and recommendations for research and clinical practice to strengthen patient-centered outcomes.

At A Glance

Topics included in this statement:

  • Overview and significance of heart failure on hospitalization and rehospitalization
  • Patient characteristics as they relate to rehospitalization
  • Components and timeframes of early discharge visits
  • Analysis of transitions of care interventions
  • How transitions of care programs can impact health outcomes
  • Implications of transitions of care on research and clinical practice
  • Clinical practice recommendations for transitions of care in heart failure