Toward Heart-Healthy and Sustainable Cities

Published: March 04, 2024

commuting to work on electric bike
  • At present nearly 56% of the global population – nearly 4.4 billion people live in cities and by 2050, 6.6 billion inhabitants or over 70% of the world’s population are expected to be living in urban environments. This level of population growth will necessitate massive upgrades and the development of new infrastructure to allow for smart, sustainable, and healthy cities of the future.
  • There is widespread recognition that although cities can serve as engines of economic growth and innovation, a vast majority of them are currently failing this mandate, and are not delivering on environmental, health economic, and equity targets.
  • This American Heart Association policy statement presents a conceptual framework, summarizes the evidence base and outlines policy principles for transforming key urban provisioning systems to heart-health and sustainability outcomes.