Reducing Nontraumatic Lower-Extremity Amputations by 20% by 2030: Time to Get to Our Feet

Published: March 25, 2021

senior female patient in a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse in a hospital.
  • Lower-extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD) affects more than 200 million adults worldwide and 8-10 million adults in the US.
  • Non-traumatic lower-extremity amputation is a devastating complication of peripheral artery disease (PAD) with high mortality and medical expenditure.
  • This statement describes the impact of amputation on patients and society, summarizes medical approaches to identify PAD and prevent its progression, and proposes policy solutions to prevent limb amputation.
  • There are significant racial/ethnic and geographic disparities in lower limb amputation which may be due to limited health insurance coverage, inadequate access to advanced PAD care in many areas of the country and other social determinants of health including poverty.