Top Things to Know: Patient-Centered Adult CV Care

Published: April 11, 2024

  1. Patient-centered care involves establishing a partnership between the health care team and the patient, tailoring management decisions to patients' beliefs, preferences, and values.
  2. Incorporating equitable patient-centered care into routine CV care improves health outcomes and requires collaboration among clinicians, health care systems, professional societies, and government agencies.
  3. Shared decision-making is a foundational component of patient-centered care, emphasizing collaboration among clinicians, patients, and family members.
  4. Collaborative care approaches that provide personalized care tailored to the patient's preferences, needs, and values, are particularly beneficial for individuals with complex conditions and comorbidities.
  5. Patient-oriented medication management is based on patient-related and drug-related factors such as polypharmacy and nonadherence.
  6. Addressing disparities in (CV) care and outcomes is crucial, particularly for underrepresented racial and ethnic populations, older adults, women, individuals with behavioral and mental health disorders, and individuals with physical disabilities.
  7. Patient-reported outcomes provide a holistic picture of a patient's health status and can aid in decision-making, systematic reviews, and clinical guideline development.
  8. Barriers to providing patient-centered care exist at the patient, clinician, health system, and societal levels.
  9. Practical strategies to promote patient-centered care include clear communication, regular collection of patient perspectives and preferences, use of patient decision aids, and integration of technology and telemedicine.
  10. Knowledge gaps and future directions include the need for education on patient-centered care, integration of patient perspectives into electronic health records, and the use of artificial intelligence and wearable technology.


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