Novel Prediction Equations for Absolute Risk Assessment of Total Cardiovascular Disease Incorporating Cardiovascular-Kidney-Metabolic

Published: November 10, 2023

doctor sitting next to patient viewing tablet
  • Poor cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic health (CKM) health has significant implications for adverse clinical outcomes, most notably cardiovascular morbidity and premature mortality; however, there is a growing array of therapies and healthcare strategies that have great potential to improve outcomes for the patient with CKM syndrome.
  • Given the growing number of available therapies that simultaneously target different components of CKM, novel risk prediction equations are needed that incorporate predictors and outcomes clinically relevant to the CKM context.
  • This scientific statement follows a Presidential Advisory and Synopsis Statement on CKM health and summarizes the background, rationale, and clinical implications for the newly developed sex-specific, race-free risk equations.

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