Implementation of Obesity Science Into Clinical Practice

Published: May 20, 2024

illustration of obese mans heart
  • Obesity is increasingly acknowledged as a public health epidemic, characterized by a multifactorial and complex pathogenesis. Despite progress in managing other population risk factors, the persistent challenge of obesity has hindered efforts to reduce cardiovascular disease burden.
  • Overcoming barriers to obesity science implementation necessitates a comprehensive, multi-targeted approach that includes adopting established methodologies, and finding solutions to challenges that span various levels (patient, clinician, system, community), in order to enhance the delivery and accessibility of obesity-targeted therapies while maximizing the effectiveness of guideline-driven care to under-resourced populations with obesity.
  • This Scientific Statement describes effective or promising strategies to enhance clinical application of obesity-based research, identify key gaps in the implementation of obesity science into clinical practice, and encourage health care professionals, health care systems and other stakeholders’ efforts to adopt or implement evidence-based obesity science for improved population-level management.