Future Perspectives of Cardiovascular Biomarker Utilization in Cancer Survivors

Published: November 10, 2021

Heart with coronary blood vessels, computer illustration. Flat background.
  • This statement approaches a broad definition of the biomarker concept, summarizes the current literature on the use of established cardiovascular (CV) biomarkers at the intersection with cancer, identifies limitations and gaps regarding the use of biomarkers to stratify CV risk prior to cancer treatment, monitor CV health during cancer therapy, and detect latent CV damage in cancer survivors.
  • CV biomarker utilization has the potential for timely and accurate identification of cardiotoxicity and can guide ongoing cancer therapy and optimize overall cancer survival after cancer diagnosis, enable early intervention to mitigate progressive and irreversible cardiac injury, and assign severity criteria for adverse events in clinical trials.
  • Improving cancer survival represents the most significant effect of precision medicine and personalized molecular and immunologic therapeutics, thus CV health becomes a key determinant for the direction of overall outcomes after cancer.