Environmental Exposures and Pediatric Cardiology

Published: April 15, 2024

boy sitting on grass with smokestacks in the background
  • Understanding the intricate web of influences on cardiovascular health has become increasingly critical in a world shaped by an influx of synthetic chemicals and the looming specter of global warming.
  • With around 300,000 registered synthetic chemicals worldwide, research often concentrates on isolated exposures, neglecting the potential combined impacts that these substances might have when interacting.
  • This scientific statement illuminates the complex interplay among maternal heat exposure, airborne pollutants, lead, endocrine-disrupting compounds, and global warming, emphasizing their collective impact on cardiovascular outcomes.

Video: Environmental Exposures and Pediatric Cardiology

In this discussion based on an AHA Scientific Statement with the same title, Pediatric Epidemiologist Andrew Agbaje, from the University of Eastern Finland, and Pediatric Cardiologist Justin Zachariah, from the University of Texas Children's Hospital, delve into the relationship between environmental exposures and children's health, specifically focusing on congenital heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and Kawasaki disease.