Alumni Feature - Neuropsychiatric consequences on COVID-19 survivors - role of vascular damage and gut microbiome

Vijayasree Vayalanellore Giridharan HeadshotVijayasree V. Giridharan, an Assistant Professor at the Faillace Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Giridharan is a passionate translational researcher with a focus on Neuropsychiatry. In the realm of cognitive dysfunction, Dr. Giridharan delves into experimental models of dementia and infection, unraveling the intricate interplay of neuroinflammation, vascular markers, and the gut microbiome, particularly in the context of Alzheimer's disease and neuropsychiatric complications.

The laboratory led by Dr. Giridharan is renowned for its expertise in animal behavioral models, specializing in memory, depression, and anxiety. Recent endeavors extend the scope to investigating cerebrovascular complications emerging from COVID-19 clinical samples. This translational approach allows Dr. Giridharan to bridge the gap between basic science and clinical implications.

Thanks to the support of the American Heart Association-Second Century Implementation Science Award, Dr. Giridharan's laboratory has been established as a hub for understanding the role of vascular complications in infection-induced long-term cognitive and neuropsychiatric effects. The ultimate goal is to unravel the mysteries of vascular components, paving the way for the development of targeted therapeutics for neuropsychiatric complications. Dr. Giridharan’s journey exemplifies a commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of complex neuropsychiatric disorders. 

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