AHA Professional Opportunities to Enhance Your Career

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Get Involved with AHA Volunteer Activities

We're so excited that you're interested in getting involved with professional volunteer opportunities that can only be fulfilled by science and medical professionals like you!

How it works: Consent to be a part of our professional volunteer search network, and when an opportunity arises AHA staff will reach out for your interest and availability.

From there, the conversation continues and you can add your activity to your CV.

Examples of opportunities that may come your way:

  • Abstract review
  • Peer review proposals for research funding
  • Writing group for AHA guideline, statement or advisory
  • Conference curriculum development


Ready to get started? Follow these steps.

Step Two

Click on your name and select edit profile

Click on Profile Name and Edit Profile Circled Image

Step Three

Navigate to Profile Consent on the sidebar

Make sure "I Agree" is selected and click Continue

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When an opportunity arises, AHA staff will reach out for your interest and availability.


For help with welcome kit replacements or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

For more ways to get involved, consider joining a Scientific Council