The Heart of Team Science

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The AHA has developed this series of online modules to teach learners how to successfully work in a multi-disciplinary scientific team. The Heart of Team Science consists of brief online courses, quick review articles, podcasts, and video recordings of AHA volunteers.

The series contains six modules: Team Science 101, Effective Communication, Leadership vs. Participation, Management Styles, Conflict Resolution, and Authorship. Instruction is approximately one hour per module.

Current AHA research awardees may use their award travel budgets for personal development activities, such as these.

Price: $149 / $119 for AHA Members

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Heart of Team Science Online Course Overview

Ronglih Liao, PhD, FAHA gives a preview of the exciting and interactive online course, The Heart of Team Science

Working in a Science Team

Mark Cook, Ph.D., talks about his experience working in a science team to help patients manage their high blood pressure.