Vascular Disease

April 2018 - March 2022

Brigham Health and Dartmouth

Research Focus:
Understanding pathobiology and predictors of limb ischemia to improve outcomes in PAD and diabetes.

Center Director:
Marc Bonaca, MD, MPH and Mark Creager, MD, FAHA, FACC

Training Director:
Marc Bonaca, MD, MPH and Philip Goodney, MD, MS

Principal Investigators:

  • Mark Feinberg, MD
    Non-Coding RNAs in Diabetic Critical Limb Ischemia: Discovery, Pathobiology, and Therapeutic Intervention

  • Marc Bonaca, MD, MPH
    Risk Prediction and Personalizing Therapy to Prevent Critical Limb Ischemia in Patients with PAD and Diabetes

  • Philip Goodney, MD, MS and Mark Creager, MD, FAHA, FACC
    Integrated Management Strategies to Reduce Amputation and Limit Disparities for Patients with Diabetes and CLI


Northwestern Logo

Research Focus:
Calf skeletal muscle pathology and disability in PAD.

Center Director:
Mary M. McDermott, MD, FAHA

Training Director:
Mercedes Carnethon, PhD, FAHA

Principal Investigators:

  • Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, PhD
    Calf Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Impaired Autophagy in Peripheral Artery Disease

  • Mary M. McDermott, MD, FAHA
    NICotinamidE Riboside with and without Resveratrol to Improve Functioning in Peripheral Artery Disease: The NICE Trial

  • Philip Greenland, MD, FAHA
    Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Disability in Peripheral Artery Disease


Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Research Focus:
Microcirculatory disease determines limb outcomes in PAD.

Center Director:
Joshua Beckman, MD, MS

Training Director:
Joey Barnett, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • David Wasserman, PhD
    The Link between Microcirculatory Dysfunction and Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance

  • Joshua Beckman, MD, MS
    The Impact of Branched-Chain Amino Acids Metabolism on Limb Dysfunction in PAD

  • Matthew Freiberg, MD and Quinn Wells, PharmD, MD
    Clinical and Genetic Determinants of Peripheral Artery Disease, Microvascular Disease, and Major Adverse Limb Outcomes


University of Kentucky

Research Focus:
Defining and understanding mechanisms of sex differences in aortopathies

Center Director:
Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc, FAHA

Training Director:
Nancy Webb, PhD, FAHA

Principal Investigators:

  • Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc, FAHA
    Role of Sex Hormones on Elastin Stability in Formation of Thoracic Aortopathies

  • Lisa Cassis, PhD
    Sexual Dimorphism of Aortopathies

  • Scott LeMaire, MD, FAHA
    Molecular Signature of Sex Chromosome Genes Associated with Sex-Dependent Susceptibility to Ascending Aortic Aneurysms