Disparities in CVD and Stroke

July 2015 - June 2019

Medical University of South Carolina

Research Focus:
Acute post-stroke recovery period in the African American population.

Center Director:
Robert Adams, MD, MS

Training Director:
Daniel Lackland, DrPH, FAHA

Principal Investigators:

  • Mark Kindy, PhD, FAHA
    Metabolic determinants of vascular stiffness in health disparities related stroke

  • Leonardo Bonilha, MD, PhD
    Influence of pre-morbid brain health on stroke recovery

  • Gayenell Magwood, PhD
    Community-based Intervention under Nurse Guidance after Stroke (CINGS)

Morehouse Emory Cardiovascular Center for Health Equity

Research Focus:
Aims to improve cardiovascular health by understanding the risk and resilience factors among African Americans.

Center Director:
Herman Taylor Jr., MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA

Training Director:
Gregory Strayhorn, MD, PhD
Sandra Dunbar, RN, PhD, FAAN, FAHA, FPCNA

Principal Investigators:

  • Charles Searles, MD, FAHA and Dean Jones, PhD
    MicroRNA and metabolic profiles associated with social and environmental risk factors in blacks

  • Arshed Quyyumi, MD and Priscilla Pemu, MBBS, MSCR, FACP
    Impact of technology-based intervention for improving self-management behaviors in black adults

  • Peter Baltrus, PhD and TenĂ© Lewis, PhD
    Social and Environmental Factors contributing to Cardiovascular Risk and Resilience among Blacks

Northwestern Logo

Research Focus:
Overall objective is to investigate whether fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) contributes to racial and socioeconomic disparities in heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

Center Director:
Myles Wolf, MD, MMSc
Mercedes Carnethon, PhD, FAHA

Training Director:
Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc, MACC, FAHA, MACP

Principal Investigators:

  • Myles Wolf, MD, MMSc
    Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Injury Induced by FGF23 in the Settings of High Phosphate Diet and CKD

  • Orlando Gutierrez, MD, MMSc
    Impact of lowering phosphate additive intake on mineral metabolism and cardiovascular health in communityliving adults

  • Mercedes Carnethon, PhD, FAHA
    Contribution of Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 to Racial Disparities in Left Ventricular Mass and Albumin/Creatinine Ratio

University of Colorado Denver

Research Focus:
Disparities of American Indian and Alaska Natives with Hypertension and detrimental effects of negative stereotypes on minority patients.

Center Director:
Spero Manson, PhD

Training Director:
Spero Manson, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • Irene Blair, PhD
    Discrimination and Allostatic Load Among American Indians

  • Edward Havranek, MD
    An Intervention to Increase Engagement with Hypertension Care for American Indian Patients

  • John Steiner, MD, MPH
    Improving Hypertension Care of American Indians and Alaska Natives through Interactive Voice Response Technolog