Council on Epidemiology and Prevention Message from the Chair

Published: July 01, 2022

Wayne D. Rosamond, PhD, MS

Wayne D. Rosamond, PhD, MSWelcome to the American Heart Association (AHA) Council on Epidemiology and Prevention (EPI)

The Council on Epidemiology and Prevention remains committed to playing a critical part in AHA’s mission to advance cardiovascular health for all, including identifying and removing barriers to health care access and quality. The council is actively engaged in research areas that are complementary and inclusive. We are committed to training that prepares the next generation of cardiovascular health scientists and seeking partnerships that expand the council’s reach into multidisciplinary fields. Through these and other efforts, we are dedicated to advancing the communication of the council’s impact on global health. We enthusiastically welcome anyone — from any discipline or background — to join us in this rewarding and essential work promoting optimal cardiovascular health and preventing CVD at home and across the globe.

The Council seeks to demonstrate each of the AHA’s 8 Guiding Values in everything that we do:

  • Bringing Science to Life
  • Improving and Extending People’s Lives
  • Building Powerful Partnerships
  • Speaking with a Trustworthy Voice
  • Inspiring Passionate Commitment
  • Making an Extraordinary Impact
  • Meeting People Where They Are
  • Ensuring Equitable Health for All

If the opportunity to focus your work on the promotion of cardiovascular health and prevention of disease in diverse populations excites you, we hope you will consider continuing your involvement with the Council through the following engagement opportunities:

  • Network with your colleagues at local and national AHA meetings
  • Begin or renew your Council committee membership
  • Attend our annual Conference held each spring in conjunction with Lifestyle Scientific Sessions
  • Attend AHA Annual Scientific Sessions
  • Attend a Council Dinner – held at both conferences mentioned above
  • Engage in public advocacy initiatives and committees
  • Submit applications for Council awards
  • Apply for Fellowship (FAHA) status
  • Suggest an area of focus for an upcoming Council conference or symposium
  • Recruit a colleague to join the Council

Thank you again for your dedication to our Council and the American Heart Association. 

Wayne D. Rosamond, PhD, MS
Chair, Council on Epidemiology and Prevention

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