Fellows in Training - FIT Opportunities

At AHA, we aim to engage our FITs in meaningful activities that will:

  • Build your portfolio and resumes to advance your career
  • Learn critical and cutting-edge skills and knowledge
  • Provide opportunities for FITs to gain national exposure through the AHA website, social media, and Sessions and conferences

AHA Engagements are meant to be lifelong and career-long.  Advancements in AHA are based on your achievements, efforts in working on behalf of AHA, and continued membership.  We hope FIT Program is a starting point for you at the AHA, and that you will continue to see AHA as your home of Science and Medicine.

Why AHA?

AHA FIT (Fellows in training) members Nosheen Reza, MD, Beth Hill, DO, Jeff Hsu, MD, and Hena Patel, MD recount their experiences at #AHA18 in Chicago.
The Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee (SACC) met in October 2018 to discuss the needs of Early Career members and what AHA is doing to address them

Select AHA National Opportunities offered to FITs

  • Publish with AHA’s Professional Heart Daily as a volunteer contributor
  • Participate as a trainee reviewer for AHA Journals;
  • Live-tweeting major science conferences for AHA;
  • Create content towards the developments of AHA Scientific Statements & Guidelines and the Science News Top Ten Things to Know;
  • Participate in peer review training and be assigned to a peer review committee for AHA Research;
  • Develop and execute FIT programming at AHA Scientific Sessions
  • Participate in AHA Scientific Councils Science Subcommittees;
  • Assist in content creation and beta testing of AHA apps and online educational courses