Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology Distinguished Achievement Award

The scientific councils’ Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made major contributions to the affairs of a scientific council over a continuing period, and who have made substantial professional contributions to the field represented by the council.

  • Contributions to new knowledge in the field
  • Contributions to teaching and/or clinical care in the field
  • Professional leadership in national or international organizations

The honoree must be a present member of the Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology (ATVB).

The ATVB Distinguished Achievement Award is presented annually during the ATVB Business Meeting and Awards Luncheon at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions.

Suggested nominees for the Distinguished Achievement Award may be submitted to the ATVB Leadership Committee by email.

Award Recipients

  • 2023 Peter Tontonoz, MD, PhD
    2022 Steven Lentz, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • 2021 Rama Natarajan, PhD, FAHA
  • 2020 Shobha Ghosh, MS, PhD, FAHA
  • 2019 Nancy R. Webb, PhD, FAHA
  • 2018 Edward Fisher, MD, PhD, MPH, FAHA
  • 2017 Nigel Mackman, PhD, FAHA
  • 2016 Alan Fogelman, MD, FAHA
  • 2015 Kerry-Anne Rye, PhD, FAHA
  • 2014 Kathy Griendling, PhD
  • 2013 Martha Cathcart, PhD, FAHA
  • 2012 Lawrence Rudel, PhD, FAHA
  • 2011 Robert Hegele, MD, FAHA
  • 2011 Murray Huff, PhD, FAHA
  • 2010 Mark Taubman, MD
  • 2009 Göran Hansson, MD
  • 2008 Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc, FAHA
  • 2007 Donald Heistad, MD, FAHA
  • 2006 Linda Curtiss, PhD, FAHA
  • 2005 Elizabeth Nabel, MD, FAHA
  • 2004 John Brunzell, MD, FAHA
  • 2003 Henry Ginsberg, MD, FAHA
  • 2002 Donald Heistad, MD, FAHA
  • 2001 Samuel I. Rapaport, MD, FAHA
  • 2000 Jan Breslow, MD, FAHA
  • 1999 Victor J. Dzau, MD, FAHA
  • 1998 Thomas F. Deuel, MD, FAHA
  • 1997 Scott M. Grundy, MD, PhD, FAHA
  • 1995 Earl W. Davie, PhD, FAHA
  • 1994 Edwin L. Bierman, MD
  • 1992 John Hoak, MD, FAHA
  • 1991 Richard Havel, MD, FAHA
  • 1989 Stanford Wessler, MD
  • 1988 Daniel Steinberg, MD, PhD
  • 1986 Edwin W. Salzman, MD
  • 1985 Howard E. Eder, MD
  • 1983 Sol Sherry, MD
  • 1982 Gardner McMillian, MD, FAHA


The award will be presented at Scientific Sessions.

The honoree will also receive:

  • Complimentary registration to the Scientific Sessions
  • One complimentary tickets to the Council Dinner
  • Engraved plaque
  • Round-trip coach airfare to Scientific Sessions
  • Hotel reimbursement (room + tax) for one night at the conference rate
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Meal reimbursement up to $70


Scientific Sessions: November 16–18, 2024
McCormick Place Convention Center | Chicago, Illinois

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