William J. Rashkind Memorial Lecture

Sponsored by the Council on Lifelong Congenital Heart Disease and Heart Health in the Young

This award was established in 1986 by Dr. Rashkind and his family shortly before his death. Dr. Rashkind was an internationally known pediatric cardiologist credited for the development of balloon atrial septostomy, also known as the "Rashkind procedure". Dr. Rashkind was an active volunteer for the AHA both at the national and state levels. The first lecture was presented in 1987.

Dr. Rashkind was known as a true “Renaissance Man.” It was his wish that the Rashkind Lectures not be about “small or large bits” of pediatric cardiology. Rather, he would have the speaker represent a much broader interest and scope and be someone whose topics might involve history, philosophy, art, the humanities and medicine, social impact and medicine, etc. It was the hope of Dr. Rashkind that such lectures would expand the knowledge and horizons of the members of the audience and enhance the ability of the audience to practice their professions and additionally contribute to society.

Current members of the Young Hearts Leadership Committee and the Young Hearts Nominating Committee are not eligible to be nominated for the award.

Award Recipients

2023 Recipient
Suzanne Roske
Past Recipients

2022 Dayna Bowen Matthew, JD, PhD

2021 Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH
"Message from the Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

2020 Dan Buettner
"Blue Zones: Secrets of a Long Life"

2019 Susan F. Steinberg, MD, FAHA
"The Cardiac Beta1-Adrenergic Receptor: N-Tertaining a New Signaling Paradigm"

2018 Barbara Mowry, MBA
"Leading Change or Changing Leadership? Leadership in a Changing World"

2017 Rupa Marya, MD
"Listening with Heart"

2016 Howard Zucker, MD, JD
"Cultivating Ingenuity: A Modern Renaissance and the Role of Government"

2015 John Heilemann
“Washington Today and the 2016 Race for the White House”

2014 Thomas W McDade, PhD
“An Anthropologist’s View of Child Health: What Can Other Cultures Teach Us About Disease Prevention”

2013 Havana, NRG!
"A new breed of Latin band"

2012 JD Souther
Actor, Singer, Song-writer

2011 SAK Comedy Lab
“SAK Three For All"

2010 Owen Gingerich, PhD
“The Divine Handiwork: Evolution and the Wonder of Life"

2009 Perri Klass, MD
“A World Full of Stories: Doctors as Readers, Writers, and Characters"

2008 Gil Wernovsky, MD
“Notes, Charts and Transposition: Music by the Pediatric Cardiovascular Ensemble"

2007 Heather Ross, MD
“Antarctica: Magic and Mayhem on Mt. Vinson"

2006 Roberto Canessa, MD
“Human Groups in a Crisis Situation. Real Experience."

2005 Eric Hetzel
“Truth Through Fiction in Hollywood: Advancing The American Discourse on Science and Medicine"

2004 Betsy Dresser, MD
“Saving Endangered Species Through Assisted Reproduction Technology, or Sex in the Test Tube!"

2003 Howard Schatz, MD
“Visual Art (Photography) Following Retina"

2002 Lester D. Friedman, PhD
“High Anxiety: Physicians and the American Media"

2001 Chuck Huss, MD
“Everest Odyssey"

2000 William Pinsky, MD
“Racing for Kids®"

1999 Stanton A. Glantz, PhD
"Tobacco: Using Politics to Prevent Heart Disease"

1998 Renee C. Fox, PhD
"The Genesis, Evolution, and Significance of American Bioethics"

1997 Robert S. Langer, ScD
“Drug Delivery Systems and Tissue Engineering"

1996 Preservation Hall Jazz Band

1995 Sherwin B. Nuland, MD
"As Others See Us The Artist Looks at the Physician"

1994 Joe Wilder, MD
"Origins of the Physician Artist"

1993 Jonathan Yardley
"The Current State of American Literature"

1992 Joshua M. Wiener, PhD
"American Health Care in Crisis"

1991 Lawrence K. Altman, MD
"Werner Forssmann and Self-Experimentation: Who Goes First?"

1990 Gerald Weissmann
"My Hunt for Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes"

1989 Preservation Hall Jazz Band

1988 Richard A. Selzer
"The Surgeon as Writer"

1987 Paul H. Heintzen, MD
"The Imaging Plane -- A Bridge Between Science and Art"


The honoree will receive:

  • Complimentary registration to Scientific Sessions
  • Two (2) complimentary tickets to the Young Hearts Council Dinner
  • An engraved plaque
  • A $1,000 honorarium and reimbursement for eligible travel expenses up to $1,000


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