Basic Cardiovascular Science Early Career Mentorship Program

2020 Application Period Coming Soon

General Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentee for the 2020 BCVS Early Career Mentorship Program. We are delighted to offer a program to Early Career Investigators that gives them the opportunity to intern/observe in an Established Investigator’s laboratory for a few days as a visiting scholar. We look forward to connecting you with a Mentor who has similar interests and experience as yours and who could help advance your career. Please read the information below carefully and answer all questions in the application form to be considered for review by the BCVS Early Career Committee.


Program Description

As a Mentee, you will have the opportunity to visit one Established Mentor lab for 3-5 days and be guided by experienced student/s and postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory. In addition to learning cutting-edge research and techniques in a new area of your interest, you will spend time with an Established Investigator and help build your science network. For more information on the list of Mentor laboratories participating and links to their research, please visit the AHA BCVS Early Career website. If you are chosen, BCVS Early Career team will try to match you with your first interest. In case there is more than one application for a Mentor laboratory, the information you provide and your resume will be considered to find the next best match for you. Please do not directly contact Mentor laboratories listed on the website for participation in the BCVS Mentorship program. All Mentee applications must go through the BCVS Early Career Committee for review and assignment.

Host or Sponsor Labs

Joe Wu (Sponsor)

Tish Murphy (Sponsor)

Asa Gustafsson (Sponsor)

Wally Koch (Sponsor)

Samantha Harris (Host)

Raj Kishore (Sponsor)

Yibin Wang (Sponsor)

Sumanth Prabhu (Sponsor)

Karen Young (Host)

Ronglih Liao (Sponsor)

Marchella Rota (Host)

April Stempien-Otero (Sponsor)

Beth McNally (Host)

Sakthi Sadayappan (Sponsor)

Maria Kontaridis (Sponsor)

Jeff Molkentin (Sponsor)

Jill Tardiff (Sponsor)

Susmita Sahoo (Sponsor)

Litsa Kranias (Host)

Rong Tian (Sponsor)

Sean Wu (Sponsor)

Mike Kapiloff (Sponsor)

Jenny Van Eyk (Sponsor)

Nicole Purcell (Host)

Mark Sussman (Sponsor)

Loren Wold (Sponsor)

Prasanna Krishnamurthy (Sponsor)

Lorrie Kirshenbaum (Sponsor)

Ju Chen (Sponsor)

Mary Wallingford (Host)

Sponsorship Guidelines

Each Established Investigator who is participating in the BCVS Early Career Mentorship Program has agreed to either sponsor or host a Mentee. Please note that if a laboratory can sponsor a Mentee, they will pay up to a maximum of $1,500 USD towards your travel, lodging and other expenses. You will be required to cover any expense in excess of that amount. If the lab is only able to host a Mentee, it is the responsibility of the Early Career applicant to pay all expenses accrued for travel and lodging during your visit. The AHA and BCVS Early Career Committee is not liable for any expenses associated with the Mentorship Program nor will they handle any funding from the sponsorship of a Mentee. It is the sole responsibility of the Mentee to understand and agree upon the commitment and financial burden with the assigned Mentor.


Eligibility Requirements

The BVCS Early Career Mentorship program is open to both US and International Early Career Investigators. Early Career status is defined as a trainee (graduate or post-doctoral) or first faculty appointment. The applicant must be a member of the American Heart Association and preference will be given to BCVS Council members. Verification of Early Career status is required with application (letter from mentor/Chair of Department) and current CV. International applicants are responsible for their visa processing and related expenses, in addition to any legal verification of citizenship or visa status if applicable, and compliance with their country’s regulations and U.S. regulations related to travel to the U.S.


Application Checklist

  1. Completed application packet
  2. Your most recent resume
  3. Letter from Department Chair verifying your early career status
  4. Letter from the current mentor supporting/agreeing to mentee’s participation


Application Deadline and Submission

Submit your completed application from this page no later than (2020 Deadline TBA), and you will be notified directly if your application has been selected by the BCVS EC Committee. Please e-mail or with any questions regarding the application process or program.